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6X03 - Bite Merating: GRISSOM: That's odd. A man and woman who don't share a bedroom arrange to have a night alone, send their daughter to a relative, go out to dinner, have drinks by the pool, but they sleep in separate bedrooms.
SARA: Maybe one of them snored or had insomnia or liked to work late at night.
GRISSOM: (avoiding eye contact)Or maybe they were suffocating each other and he couldn't breathe.

(Sara, momentarily uncomfortable, opens the bedside table drawer and pulls out a tube)
SARA: Sexual lubricant. It's half empty. Sticky. You know, you don't have to sleep in the same bed together to have sex or… to have romance.

CATHERINE: Lovers and co-workers, that never works.
6X08 - A Bullet Runs Through It (Pt. 2)rating: SARA: I thought my top priority as per the undersheriff was finding the bullet that went through Bell.
GRISSOM: Well, this is per me. Come on. It'll be fun.6X12 - Daddy's Little Girlrating: GRISSOM: It's like thermite.
SARA: Thermite?
GRISSOM: When you combine two seemingly harmless elements -- aluminum and rust -- press them together, add heat ... it creates an explosion so hot it'll burn through steel. Powerful but uncontrollable. It burns and burns until it burns itself out, finally consuming both elements.
SARA: I guess some people just shouldn't be together.
6X13 - Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Byerating: SARA: Hodges, don't you know grey hair can be very attractive?
(Grissom, who is stood next to her, glances sideways at her curiously.)

6X20 - Poppin' Tags
SARA: Well, maybe you could breathe a little bit more life into them.
GRISSOM: Yeah. I'm pretty good at mouth-to-mouth.

6X22 - Time Of Your Death
GRISSOM: Some guys are intimidated by beauty...
[Cut to Sara]
GRISSOM: ...or fear rejection.

Grissom and Sara are talking to the head of a company that stages expensive fantasies.
ANTHONY CAPRICE: These scenarios take weeks to craft. I learn everything (looking at Grissom) about my client's wants and his desires, all without him even knowing. Secret longings... They have a ... A kind of electricity. They're often much more visible than we would want them to be.
(Sara looks uncomfortable, her eyes shift from Caprice to Grissom and elsewhere.)

(Later, Caprice is turning to leave.)
ANTHONY CAPRICE: Oh. And may all your dreams come true.

GRISSOM: They did: Don't confuse fantasy with reality.
(Sara looks towards Grissom, as their eyes meet she gives him a small smile.)
GREG: Well, hush money or not, you have to admit that whole fantasy night thing was a pretty cool gift from a very generous boss.

GRISSOM: I think fantasies are best kept private.

(Later, after everyone has left, Gil and Sara share a secret look. [i.e. They have eye!sex])

6X24 - Way To Go
Flirting with a camera duel! How cute is this?

SARA: Ready?
GRISSOM: (Lifting his camera) Ready.
SARA/GRISSOM: (Both, walking in opposite directions) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
(They both turn around and 'fire' their cameras at each other, Sara snaps first.)

SARA: Go in for sex and get stung. Pretty much every man's fear.
GRISSOM: (nods) Mm.

Grissom is lying on a bed in an "interesting" blue and white shirt, pondering death. There are various things strewn across the bedside tables: photos, flowers, etc.
GRISSOM: (thinking aloud) I don't know. Most people want to die in their sleep, I suppose. Never know that it's happening. Like a crime scene. Surprise, you're dead. I'd prefer to know in advance that I was going to die. I'd like to be diagnosed with cancer, actually. Have some time to prepare... Go back to the rainforest one more time. Re-read 'Moby Dick.' Possibly enter an international chess tournament.
(The camera stops behind Gil, facing the bathroom doorway. As he is finishing, a woman enters the bedroom through the door in a bathrobe and walks towards the bed...)
GRISSOM: At least have enough time to say good-bye to the people I love.
(Sara kneels down in front of him! She smiles and reaches her arms out towards him along the bed.)

SARA: I'm not ready to say good-bye.


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