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2X02 - Chaos Theoryrating: (Serious Personal Space Violation [PSV])
2X03 - Overload
rating: (Flirting and PSVs involving a pickle!)

SARA: You turned my pickle into a lightbulb! 2X05 - Scuba Doobie Doo
rating: (Back-to-back mind meld.)

SARA: Chalk.
2x12 - You've Got Male
rating: SARA: It's easy to wear your heart on your sleeve when you're not looking in his eyes.
2X15 - Burden Of Proof
rating: (Gratuitous PSV over a pig corpse!)

GRISSOM: What is this?
SARA: It's, uh, just what it says. A request for a leave of absence… six months, year, maybe.
SARA: I was thinking of checking out the federal government system. FBI…
GRISSOM: (laughs) "We have the best lab in the country."
SARA: I need a different work environment.
GRISSOM: What does that mean?
SARA: One with, um, communication… respect.
GRISSOM: Everybody here respects you.
SARA: You don't.
GRISSOM: Is this about that hamburger thing?
SARA: No, Grissom. This is not about that hamburger thing. I, I don't believe you. How can you reduce everything that I've said to some kind of single quirk? Do you think the problem here is just about me? Yeah, if you don't sign my leave, I'm going to have to quit.
GRISSOM: Sara? (pauses) The lab needs you here.
SARA: Great. (she leaves.)

GRISSOM: Yeah, hi. I'd like to get some flowers for a girl. No, no, not flowers. A plant. A living plant, she likes vegetation. Yeah, that'd be fine. To a Sara Sidle. Deliver it at the CSI Division, Las Vegas Police Department, the one out on North Trop Boulevard. Yeah, you can bill me at the same place. Gil Grissom…. The sentiment? Oh oh, on the card. Yeah. Uh, uh, have it say… have it say, uh… 'From Grissom.' Thank you.
2X16 - Primum Non Nocere
SARA: You just don't like sports.
GRISSOM: I like baseball.
SARA: Baseball. That figures. All the stats.
GRISSOM: It's a beautiful sport.
SARA: Since when have you cared about beauty?
GRISSOM: Since I met you.

GRISSOM: What is Victoria's Secret, I wonder?
SARA: Beauty, Grissom. Remember?</< div> 2X18 - Chasing The Bus
WARRICK: You've got that 'Sara' look.
SARA: You mean that 'Grissom' look. 2X21 - Anatomy Of A Lye
GRISSOM: (to Sara) Well, you do know how to light up a room.

(linking arms with her as they cross the road)
2X23 - The Hunger Artist
GRISSOM: I've got a gal named Sara, and she would love that scarf.

(Lyrics in the background, while he walks. As the song fades he meets her under a bridge in some kind of moonlit rendezvous.)
With eyes of fire
No one can see
I am drawn
I am drawn to her
Like a moth to a flame
she leads me down

(He wonders what she's doing there. They both came to the same place at the same time. They move in symmetry, turning their heads simultaneously to the right, then to the left, in time with each other. Grissom later discusses how animals like symmetry in a mate...)

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Sáru Sidle
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